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Hillberry 2016 Preview – Day 1

Hillberry 2016 is almost here! Have you secured your tickets and started to pack for the most epic weekend of bluegrass in Arkansas? We are excited to welcome each and every one of you to the Farm! Here’s what’s in store for the first day of music at The Harvest Moon Festival.


Thursday October 13,2016 — Tent Stage


4:00PM – 5:30PM  //  The Squarshers

“A Rag Tag Bunch of Corn Pone Squarshin’ Grass Pickers” The band is comprised of members Chris Crovella, John Henry, Brennan Johnson, & Patrick Calaway coming to you from Fayetteville, AR.




6:00PM – 7:30PM  //  Mountain Sprout

“Mountain Sprout has the look of wild all over them in their long beards and smoke and drink while they play attitudes. It is a potent combination and it works. The group plays wild and loose too, sawing fiddles or trashing banjos. They inject their funny songs about weed smoking and beer drinking and fight causing with fervor and a sense of believability.” The band is comprised of members Grayson Klauber, Adam Waggs, and Nathan McReynolds.




8:15PM – 9:45PM  //  Friends of the Phamily

”  ‘Finding new sounds through old’  is just one way to describe Friends of the Phamily’s musical approach. Since their formation during the summer of 2008, the band has spent the past few years finding themselves and “searching for the sound” that has come to define them, musically. The band holds true to their name with an ever changing lineup comprised of friends that have come and gone for various reasons and has now, just recently, begun to level out to a steady 8-member outfit including two guitars, keyboards,drums, bass, auxiliary percussion, and vocals. FOTP will expand their musical horizons by creating original music from time to time, however the focus is primarily on their true love…the music of the Grateful Dead. There is something about the Grateful Dead’s expansive catalog of music that is unique to any other band that has ever been. There is no putting a finger on any one element and saying, “this is what the Dead was all about.” Instead, the exploratory nature that was intrinsic to their music is the essence of the spirit FOTP wishes to embody and carry on. The band’s aim is to bring familiar sounds to those who hold the Dead’s music dear, as well as open hearts and minds to something new if they have not had the opportunity to embrace it before…that, and to give the people a reason to dance, clap, chant, whirl, twirl, hoop, hoot, and holler for more!” The band is from Rogers, Arkansas and is comprised of Chris Anderson, Chad Saffarick, Michael Brinson, Isayah Warford, Matt Marotte, Jack Martin, Steven Grimes, and Kassi ‘Tree’ Wright.




10:30PM – 12:30AM  //  The Hatrick

“While Kansas and the Carolinas lay claim to their own variety of bluegrass music – The Hatrick sees fit to represent the sovereign state of Missouri with their own breed: Stompgrass. Every member of the Hatrick sings… every member plays percussion with their feet… and with their remaining limbs; they incorporate acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, fiddle, hamonica, washboard, and whatever else they can fit in the trailer. Recently upgraded to a 4-piece with the addition of fiddle player Michael Schembre, members of this outfit hail from several other area bands, such as The Hipnecks, Bockman, The Schwag, Stickley & Canan, and The Kay Brothers. While their respective bands have enjoyed regional success, they still thought it prudent of them to assemble a rowdy party band the way they thought it should be done. On top of many new accomplishments, the group has recorded 2 albums and completed 5 successful Colorado front range tours where they played such highly regarded venues as the Sheridan Opera House (Telluride) and The Fox Theater (Boulder) and have shared the stage with Sam Bush, George Jones, Del MCoury, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Robert Earle Keen, The Avett Brothers, Vince Herman, and many more.” The band is from Columbia, Missouri and comprised of members Pat Kay, Sean Canan, Ryan “Chewy” Kennedy, and Mikey “the Kid” Schembre.



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