John Henry’s Picking Contest – Hillberry 2017

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Please review the rules and guidelines below-
John Henry's Pickin' Contest Hillberry 2017 Rules
Full time, nationally touring performers will not be allowed to compete. You must sign up for the contest at before October 1st. There will be a 5 dollar entry fee to be paid on the day of the contest. At the beginning of the contest each contestant will draw a number to determine the order of performance. Contestants will stay in a designated area until their number is called.
Contestants will not be permitted to have any contact with the judges for the duration of the contest. Absolutely no talking or singing on stage. Instruments Only! We will have a single condenser microphone set up. Contestants must play acoustically into the microphone. You may have one person accompany you. In this case, both instruments will use the condenser mic.
Round one will be one song no longer than 2 minutes. There will be point penalties for time infractions. Due to time constraints, if your song reaches 3 min you will be cut off and dealt an extreme point penalty.
3 people in each instrument category will be chosen to move to round 2. Round 2 will consist of up to 2 songs no longer than 2 minutes each. The aforementioned point penalties will apply to time infractions.
Scoring 100 points possible
40 points 1. ARRANGEMENT - Contestant's version of the tune selected. Is it appropriate to the tune and instrument? Difficulty and originality will be considered as well as overall style.
40 points 2. EXECUTION - Picking and dynamics will be considered. Are the notes pronounced and clear.
10 points 3. SHOW VALUE - The music should be played with life and feeling. It should not appear listless nor should it drag.